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Volume 2 | Issue 4 | May 2008 | 

Woman In Love
Aboobacker C. P.


“I will shut my door in front of you
Any moment I want to quit you
Oh, but I am alone, I can’t do that;
With what magic did you hypnotize me? “
A squirrel mocks at her
A scorpion stands in the way
Noises loud call upon:
“Don’t go, your love is at peril
Your divine moments at stake”
She stopped and pondered.
Left foot ahead and right foot behind,
Head raised a little right,
Ears listening to voices far
She stood motionless, a still in dynamic life
From the unknown space Geniis spoke to her
About the secrets of love
Devils from the fathoms laughed in mockery
Angels from the skies moaned in pain
“She is in love disdainful”.
In ethereal silence, she stood
On the threshold between life and death

Mother wept for her children,
Housewife cursed herself of the forgotten duties,
Wife closed her eyes in confession, and
Lover sought the spouse in despair.









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