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Volume 2 | Issue 4 | May 2008 | 

Dr. Rati Saxena



All those sins
I am trying to forget,
piled on my back
growing as mountain

Now I am
a snail
slow, slow and slow


Time is changing
I look at the mirror

The Calendar is
only an echo of figures


Embracing the umbilical cord
I want to sleep
in the womb
of eternity

should I pass again through
pangs of pains?


Every one in search of
a flute
to entice
all the rats

Chinese astrology
this is the year of the rat


I offer my karma
to astrologers
now they tell me
all about my
eating, drinking and sleeping

where is my upper part
above the neck?


marmalade in golden jar
time is making it thick
rolls on my tongue

I savour it
as your memory.


if this door disappears
we will be in front of
each other again

is this a TIME?


the whip is sharp
the marks are painful

he came to me
with a soft touch
pain gone

is this Time?

Dr Rati Saxena - is an eminent Hindi poet, translator and Sanskrit scholar. She has authored three collections of poems in Hindi (Maya mahathagini, ajanmi kavita ki kokh se, sapane dekhata samudra) and one each in English and Malayalam (in translation). Besides, she has written several research articles on Vedic literature and Indology and published critical studies. Her poems are translated in different languages like Malayalam, Punjabi, KonkaNi and Tamil etc. Rati Saxena’ poetry represented in various journals of other part of world like –Verasal ( Amsterdam, Netherlands and printed in Prague), Edgar literary Magazine (Texas) and gumball poetry etc. Thus establishing a sound reputation as an academic critic. Rati Saxena has translated 9 books from Malayalam to Hindi. Translations of some of the most well known Malayalam poems and novels have earned her nation-wide respect and recognition. She has written a book on famous poet of Malayalam -Balamaniyamma. Among the several awards she has received, the most coveted is the Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award for Translation in 2000. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Indira Gandhi National Culture and Arts Fellowship, which helped her complete this path-breaking work “A seed of mind-a fresh approach to Atharvavedic study".









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