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Volume 2 | Issue 4 | May 2008 | 

This World Is Good
Adam Penna


This world, our world, and all the places, near
and far, where our eyes go and where they fail,
the shadows and the spots so bright and clear,
these rooms for mourning and for joy,

where our marriages and births and deaths are confirmed,
where the last love we will ever know and the first
combine and are a touch, some gentleness
too fond to be forgotten or let go,

this world and the one past and still to come,
the one we walk into, the one we leave
and leaving kiss because we can’t stay still,

this world that spins, that spins us loose, that holds
the sky for us and pulls us close until
we say “enough,” this world, this one, is good.

“I haven’t always thought of myself as a poet. But when I was a boy, my best company was the voice I heard humming in my head. I would like to think it was the gentle voice of the universe, but I will say it was my conscience, growing and learning the language of poetry. And poetry, for me, is a matter of conscience. It is my way of figuring out what is right or wrong, good or bad, excellent or unsatisfactory, and true or false.”
These are Adam's sincere words about himself.

He lives on Long Island in the United States. His poems have appeared in magazines, journals and anthologies. He teaches at Suffolk County Community College and holds an MFA from Southampton College, LIU. Finishing Line Press will be publishing his chapbook “The Love of a Sleeper," and S4N Books will be publishing a manuscript containing two of his long sequences called “Little Songs & Lyrics to Genji.” He edits Best Poem, an online journal publishing, not necessarily every day, a poet’s best poem.









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