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Volume 2 | Issue 4 | May 2008 | 

Come to the Dance
Kate Bernadette Benedict


You will surpass this.
She who protects us
chartered a vehicle.
Go and prepare.

Pack very little.
Leave the equipment,
the tailor-made garments.
They never were yours.

I am her daughter.
I will assist you.
There will be nourishments,
bulwark enough.

There will be rest stops:
Saharan oases,
Caribbean beaches,
Acadian fields.

When you arrive there,
vastness will claim you.
Then you will join in
jubilant motion.

Dance of the quasar,
dance of the quantum,
many arms coiling,
bracelets in flames.


Kate Bernadette Benedict is the author of Here from Away, a collection of poetry, and the editor of the online poetry journal, Umbrella . She lives in New York City.









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