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Volume 2 | Issue 4 | May 2008 | 

The Bylanes of Hades
Manu M Varghese


As I walked through the bylanes of Hades,
I saw forms with masked faces
Peering at me from the balcony of their villas
And beckoning with their slender skeletal hands.
Their muffled voices seemed very distant,
Yet so shrill and damp to the human ears.
Oh! the stink of the rotten flesh
And the deathly fragrance of unkown origin
Pierced through my nostrils and sent chills down my spine.
The moans and groans from the nearby brothels
Aroused the dormant evils of my soul,
But the decaying fossils of my strength
Urged me to shun away from the path of seductive charm.
The sweet enchanting music from the villas
Probed the unfathomable depths of my soul
And trapped me in a trance for a moment.
But the dying light of my courage
Asked me to choose the path of resistance.
Oh! my soul, drained of strength, hoped for light once again,
The light of righteousness from heaven.
Behold! there was blinding light
As the gates of heaven opened and showered light
Upon my exhausted and unclean soul.
My soul rejoiced in ecstasy and bliss
As the heavenly light cleansed my soul forever.

Manu M. Varghese has a Master's Degree in Communication and Journalism. He works as a technical writer for a software company at Bangalore. He writes poetry, essays, and fiction in English.









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