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Volume 2 | Issue 4 | May 2008 | 

Vacant space


My voyage begins here...
a voyage to the vacant space..
a space where nothing exists..
no sounds,no visions... nothing..
where no wind breeze,
no rain showers,
no flower blooms..
its the vacant space..
I have never thought of being a childless "mother"..
my dreams carried an embryo from the beginning..
from the first day of loosing virginity.
from the first day of becoming a wife..
it was born in the womb of my mind..
a sweet little thing..
with its arms clutched into mine.
.I could feel its chirpy language
filling the air with a milk-flavored joy..
my little sparrow..
Even when the long tube entered the uterus for a final examination,
I was never ready to be a childless mother...
i need my baby .
.the one who was already born..
who says I cant carry one?
With the voices bussing inside the head,
I could see my child stepping out of my dreams,
going into the horizons of silence..l
eaving behind an emptiness..
a suffocating emptiness..










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