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Volume 2 | Issue 4 | May 2008 | 

A Sonnet of Solitude
Chaming Yuan


All along my rough, rough path
I am tired of running, running alone
Without either a break or a hearth
To nowhere but just my gravestone
Which only I know here and now
Is still lying afloat on the vast see
Of nothingness of oblivion of how
My travel has long been and will be
But ready to be devoured by a wave
When finally I drag myself to the beach
And have my first and last sight of a grave
Being the only meaningful I am to reach
Oh already tired I am very much so
How much farther could I farther go?

ChangmingYuan holds a PhD in English from University of Saskatchewan and currently works in Vancouver. Yuan's poetry appears in Descant, London Magazine, Sentence and Vallum; his first little chapbook is coming out soon from Narrow House (US). Email: yuans@shaw.ca









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