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Volume 2 | Issue 4 | May 2008 | 

The Strange Pilgrims
Madhu C. K.


The strange pilgrims
Dear,girl its the time for merry
Erace your tears
And put aside your sorrows
Melodious music arise from the sky and earth
May be angels sing in the heaven
Dear girl
Chant a song for me
And dance with me
Give away your lonley days
Come close to me
I,ll embrace you
If i kiss on your lips
Realley i touch on your mind
If i touch on your hand
Realley i touch on your thrombing heart
Time which imprint agony on us
We are like strage pigrims
In search of a haven
Wandering here and there
Lets walk away from this madding crowd
Bury the pang solitude and nightmares
And recall our lyirical age

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