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Volume 2 | Issue 4 | May 2008 | 

Anny Ballardini


I want two white ducks in the pond
in the garden in front of a green house
linked by a cobbled path to town
cutting through the woods
and I want to see the sun
every morning through my windows
and the smell of the breeze moving each new petal
of the flowers I’ve planted around the pond
and follow the slow movement of the moon
in its long trip through the stars
let it slide in the dark in all its forms
and listen to the jumping water of creeks
and meet the silver shiver
of life at dawn
freshly merging with
a peaceful clean day

Anny Ballardini lives in Bolzano, Italy. She grew up in New York, lived in New Orleans, Buenos Aires, Florence. A poet, translator and interpreter, she also teaches high school; edits Poet's Corner, an online poetry site; and writes a blog: Narcissus Works. She has translated several contemporary poets into Italian and English. Her book of poems, Opening and Closing Numbers, was published by Moria Press in 2005.









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