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Volume 3 | Issue 1 | September 2008 | 

Come back little sparrow
Asai theepori

Chirp, chirp, chirp comes the busy house sparrow.
It welcomes itself and takes the liberty to come and go
with such ease as though it owns the whole place.
Oh what pleasure to watch this creature’s swift pace!

When it comes through the window carrying a tiny stick,
you may just watch it or chase it away, take your pick.
It brings small twigs, bits of leaves and strands of hay
and builds its nest working hard through out the day.

It is wise to let it have its way and make it our guest
for there is a superstition about disturbing its nest.
Ill fortune waits for one who harms a sparrow’s abode.
For ages, people have adhered to this cultural code.

Today, in Chennai city, we see no sparrows at all.
Oh how we miss this creature, cute and small.
Sparrow! Chirping little sparrow! Where have you gone?
Where are you, we have been waiting on and on!

Some say that the petrochemical fumes are to blame.
Some pick on the rising traffic, some pick another name.
Some may zero it down to shortage of food.
But there is no one reason, it is difficult to conclude.

Sparrows in Chennai face a shortage of worms.
This is a fact that today’s science also confirms.
There are no preys when the sparrows get to hunt.
There are not enough worms is the reason upfront.

Building constructions have left very little soil for worms.
This little soil too is not fertile, it lacks natural germs.
Polluted soil and air discourage both worms and sparrows.
Our lifestyle is suicidal is what this condition shows.

Sparrows have gone away looking for greener pastures.
We need to change our ways, both mine and yours.
We cannot afford to lose the house sparrow.
Without it our quality of life surely becomes low.


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