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Volume 3 | Issue 1 | September 2008 | 

I am Kali from the West for Gigi
Joneve McCormick

I came into this world
as much from Spirit as any male deity
but am often perceived by the fearful
to be less holy.

In my mortal form, men believe I am flattered by propositions
and pleased when they tell me what to do, what and who to love.
They think I am fulfilled when they try to force obedience,
saying that what they want is what I must want --
like those they hold in thrall.

Few in this establishment guess the rage in my heart
and the secret plotting I do to render the bullies harmless,
fighting each other to mutual defeat, shorn of luck.
I drink their blood afterwards, wear their teeth in my necklaces.

Here is my story in a myth:
In a time out of mind a Spirit visited earth
to destroy what is decayed and corrupt;
She carries a snake for a staff, dancing East to West and back.
Between one noon and the next many mortals fall into Her crypt
and all become slaves who would enslave Her.









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