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Volume 3 | Issue 1 | September 2008 | 



A Shameless Govt

At last it has happened. It is a question of a few days that the shameless Govt. of India would sign the 123 agreement, observing all restrictions put on India by the dreaded Hyde Act. There is no hiding now. There is no promise, no argument even. It is an abject surrender.
The UPA govt has declined to be shown the good path India has to pass through. It has decided to opt out in favour of selling out our sovereignty to the US imperialism with out any qualm of conscience. It has succeeded in purchasing the necessary votes from the disgruntled political outfits of India such as Jarkhand Mukthi Morcha and Samajvadi Party. The chief of the former is inducted as chief minister of the state although he is not a member of Legislative Assembly. It has also succeeded in shamelessly bribing the members from the main opposition party in the Indian Parliament. And a man sitting on the chair of the speaker merely by the merit of being the member of the Communist Party of India ( Marxist) extended all support to the UPA as a very successful pimp in finding out leverages to the victory of the ruling outfit in the confidence struggle. He is expelled from his party. We do not what and how much he is offered by US imperialism for this great betrayal. And now he has shown his fidelity by expelling only two members who deserted the Congress and the SP; all others who deserted the opposition parties by being bribed are allowed to continue as members.

And here a prime minister is complaining that he was taken as a bonded slave under the pressure of the left; when he said this he forgot he was gulping the praises he showered on the left a few days back that the left had supported him relentlessly and impartially. The parliament on the day of the motion presented a scene of market in Chandni Chouk or elsewhere in India. Also , we are not sure at this juncture whether Mr. Manmohan Singh would lament of being a slave; The US economy is at shambles; consequently all who stood by it are endangered except India ; why? It is just because of the compulsions left wrested from the UPA that the economy of India is not that much affected by the capitalist crisis.

And immediately after the vote of confidence was passed it was clear that the present govt do not have majority, because the dissenters who supported them would be dismissed from the Loksabha if the speaker sticks to the parliamentary norms, especially the one of abrogating the three line whip. This means that the govt won the confidence motion and became a minority govt immediately. There is nothing ironical in this as the morons that are in power have taken our country beneath the fat footsteps of the US imperialism as is evidenced by the succeeding acts of the govt by hurriedly inviting foreign universities to India and reforming the banking sector. It is not a single act we oppose; it is the philosophy behind it; the govt is readily selling out our country to the imperialists and launching a new foreign policy obliging to the unipolar US foreign policy.


We had genuine doubts when the ruling Congress party and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh went away from the scene with their heads a little bent creating the feeling that they were not going to press upon the Left parties to allow them to go on with the deliberations with the US to sign the 123 agreement. It was a façade. It was an imperialist-designed attempt to deceive the left parties that had not at all demanded anything in compensation for their support, except a few measures that would mollify the problems of the Indian people at large. The parlours in the US and India were trying to purchase members of parliament and parties to show that imperialism always wins in the last. Big money is being squandered by the powers that be by which a lot of votes are already purchased. Money could do anything, they believe. You could tell them: see the Left, they did not stand for money, they stand for principles, they stand fro the country. The answer would be an invariable agreement, the Prime Minister said. He has certified that the left parties are people who are patriotic. This is the most sinister expression of deceit that is seen and heard during the past sixty plus years of independent India, not because the left is unpatriotic, but because it was said by Mr. Manmohan Singh just before going to do the most unpatriotic thing in the history of independent India. And then he would mobilize his propaganda machinery to try to convince the people that principles would not produce energy. The left is principled, but principle would not produce results, therefore throw away all principles of the left, and of those whoever stick to it. The message is clear, you would quote Nehru or Gandhi , but of no avail because principle would not produce anything. This is the cut-throat pragmatism of the globalization therapy to the evils of the world.
Why do we oppose this Act? The ignoramus congressmen allover the country ask: Yeah, why do we oppose it? Wouldn’t it bring some 20,000 mega watt electricity by the year 2020? Wouldn’t it increase to 40,000 mega Watt by 2029? The poor being does not know that this quantum of power is much, very much lesser than our demand at present, and therefore by the dates when it would apparently attain 20,000 or 40,000 megawatt power the quantum would be lower than the most minimal of our demands.

We do not know delve into the arithmetic of the cost of nuclear power production. It is very high. A large number of rivers remain untapped all over India. Power is after all motion; this motion could be generated from water, coal and what not! Yeah, Uranium is a powerful source, but we don’t have uranium in adequate quantity. We have, but, thorium in abundance in India. The turbaned Prime Minister says we don’t have the technology to generate power from thorium. Let us shy ourselves upon us because it is the head of our government that says so. The Russian Government was prevailed upon by the powers that be not to provide India with the Cryogenic machine. Within a very short period Indian Scientist could make out the technology and master to make machines. And our Prime minister says we have no technology. He clamours much about India’s two or three dozens of multi billionaires, he is unable to be proud of the great technological minds of India who have been and are making miracles in electronics and Information technology for the alien nations.

So, we have to oppose an alliance of India with the United States. Let us go to the text of the Agreement, which has been available in websites for a long period. It is not an innocent document. Even at the time of its inception, it was not an innocent document.

“MINDFUL of their shared commitment to preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; and DESIROUS of strengthening the strategic partnership between them; “, this is from the introductory part. Shared commitment to preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction! Who kills whom? Who is the killer? Who are being killed? We are all very sore about the 11/9 incident, which must have been a masterminded one by all standards. Even if it is not so, were it the innocent children of Iraq and Afghanistan that did it? Millions continue to be slaughtered in Iraq; the Prime Minister of the land where one of her ancient monarchs renounced warfare on seeing the terrible slaughter and the unnumbered wounded in the battle field of Kalinga hastens to sign an agreement for strategic partnership!; history says the sight lacerated the heart of that monarch. This democrat in turban is little worried over the history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he is the least bothered about the possibility of America’s claiming an alleged violation of the agreement by India and saying that India is heaping piles and piles of nuclear and chemical weapons and therefore India’s arsenal should be inspected by an American group. In that case the US forces under one pretext or the other would demand entry into our country. Remember, it is not far of a possibility!

The Definition part again says:
By-product material shall not be subject to safeguards or any other form of verification under this Agreement, unless it has been decided otherwise by prior mutual agreement in writing between the two Parties.

Could the pundits of the Congress party explain what this statement would mean? The Prime Minister is heavy upon the money he has to make for retaining the purchased MPs to vote his confidence motion. He is not bothered to protect the UPA or Congress government because what he only wants is a ploy to sign the agreement. Whoever in India does not know that with the support of Mulayam Singh and his men, the government would not be able to continue? Mulayam would have his own cards concealed for the crucial hour; he would have his demands, to dismiss the Mayavati Govt, or dismissal of the Governor of the RBI, or transfer of the Indian Ambassador to the United States, or even to sack Chidambaram from the post of the Finance Minister. So, definition part of the Agreement denies the opportunity to the people of India to know how the by-product material would be disposed or utilized, both nuclear and political by-product.

Again in the Definition part it is envisaged clearly of “ Provision of power for a military base drawn from any power network, production of radioisotopes to be used for medical purposes in military environment for diagnostics, therapy and sterility assurance, and other similar purposes as may be mutually agreed by the Parties shall not be regarded as military purpose”. And remember it is an agreement for peace; why mention provision for a military base……… etc, etc? Even in normal war treaties, it is not mandatory to mention military base and such things; here, the Prime Minister has shamelessly put it in black and white that his country would think of military base for the (United States of America); the meaning is latent.
In the Purpose part of the agreement it is clearly stated: “Advanced research and development in nuclear sciences including but not limited to biological research, medicine, agriculture and industry, environment and climate change; “. It is very much speaking because it is not limited to biological research, medicine, agriculture, and industry, environment and climate change. This means that it could be used for unlimited purposes, umpteen in number; purport is clear, motives are cognizable. And, US have ascertained its position vis-à-vis India regarding the protection of American war preparations:

“ The Parties affirm that the purpose of this Agreement is to provide for peaceful nuclear cooperation and not to affect the unsafeguarded nuclear activities of either Party. Accordingly, nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted as affecting the rights of the Parties to use for their own purposes nuclear material, non-nuclear material, equipment, components, information or technology produced, acquired or developed by them independent of any nuclear material, non-nuclear material, equipment, components, information or technology transferred to them pursuant to this Agreement. This Agreement shall be implemented in a manner so as not to hinder or otherwise interfere with any other activities involving the use of nuclear material, non-nuclear material, equipment, components, information or technology and military nuclear facilities produced, acquired or developed by them independent of this Agreement”.

The provision speaks beyond an iota of doubt what will happen to India. The agreement shall be implemented in a manner so as not to hinder or otherwise interfere with any other activities involving the use of nuclear material, non-nuclear material, equipment, components, information or technology and military nuclear facilities produced, acquired or developed ……. Does it reveal anything? Who would benefit by this and in what way? Since the US is to strictly observe the provisions of the Hyde Act, any move infringing or apparently violating its own interests would not be tolerated by the American Congress. The poor Parliament of India does not have any such powers! It would have to hear the holy utterances of whoever be the Prime Minister.

Our nation is founded upon the principles of Sovereignty, democracy, Secularism nd Socialism. In other words it is founded upon human values. We are bound to a treaty which is explicitly based on hatred, because it undertakes not to hinder proliferation of weapons, not to hinder any independent nuclear activity, not to hinder any military operation from a base, which either of the parties would prefer to use. And for the United States, which is founded upon a betrayal of the innocent natives of America, this is no dismay or prick of conscience.
We oppose this deal because the bilateral nuclear agreement is a crucial step to lock in India into the US global strategic designs. India is opening not only her doors, but also her military bases to US utility. We remind every one concerned that the nation will have to lament later like the Gamester of the RgVeda that we could have avoided this deal. It will be very late then. Let us close this lamentation by quoting from the Mainstream:

“The existing arsenals of nuclear weapons on earth have the capacity to destroy most forms of life on our planet many times over. Clearly the complete elimination of these weapons from earth should get the highest priority. But at present non-proliferation efforts are mostly led by the US, which is the only country guilty of actually using nuclear weapons in Japan (and more recently weapons with depleted uranium). The USA is also the only country guilty of using completely false allegations of nuclear weapons to justify the alarmingly destructive invasion and bombing of another country (Iraq). So a US-led nuclear non-proliferation effort is like the worst robber being asked to lead a campaign against crime. The objective of non-proliferation is essentially very good and relevant, but when it is led by George Bush then it becomes very difficult for any person with any sense of justice to support it (as can be seen at present in the USA-led campaign against the alleged nuclear weapons programme of Iraq).

“ Even the peaceful use of nuclear energy mainly in the form of electricity generation has been highly controversial. The environmental movement has generally argued strongly against depending on nuclear plants to meet the energy needs because of the critical problems in waste-disposal, other environmental hazards and the risk of serious accidents. This led to important decisions against acquiring new nuclear power plants by several countries like Germany. However, when the climate change issue became very prominent, the nuclear industry, supported “ironically even by a few environmentalists, started lobbying by bringing in the new issue of greenhouse gas emissions, that nuclear energy should not be disapproved on environmental grounds. But this argument is accepted by only a small part of the environmental movement. Several significant questions remain about accepting nuclear energy as an important source of energy by any country.

“There is an inherent contradiction in nuclear energy as it is possible to run a ‘peaceful’ electricity generation nuclear programme as a cover for a clandestine atomic weapons programme to a considerable extent”.
See the way the ruling Congress party treated its most trusted allies of the UPA. The left parties had no demand, but to get something done for the people. They decided to opt out of joining the ministry. They would have handled the best of the portfolios if they wanted! But they did not opt to join the cabinet. Even with out being members of the cabinet, they worked to retain the govt in all possible ways. They tried to protect the so-called honour of the Prime Minister by allowing him to speak to the IAEA people. They tried to convince the Congress party of the menacing nature of the deal. And the Company into which the Congress is forced now by the unfaithful Prime Minister is “heavenly company”. The Prime Minister dared to make a certification to the left as very patriotic; if patriotism is what the Prime Minister now shows, we feel the left are not patriotic.

The nation is now ruled by a pack of men and women who think that they have no use of principles. It is a very dangerous plight. We would suggest that real Congressmen in the country should send off the impostors from power and gain control of the party.


I completed this editorial in the midnight of 28Th July 2008( A few additions are made today the 21St of September). And to save the gimmicking UPA, the terrorists have acted in time! They have butchered innocent people. By now, I do not exactly know how many bomb blasts have been successfully carried out or how many threatened. Is there a connection between the UPA isolation from the national stream and the bomb blasts? What if a few lakhs are given as compensation to the families of the victims when the US is going to be our masters hereafter? I very faithfully and truly admit that I do not know for sure. But remember the news coming from the US is all attesting to a fact that the 9/11 incidents were an inside job by the US governing outfits. If it is so, what will happen to India? The servile prime minister would gladly agree to all illegitimate demands of the US and our country is going to be a satellite ( or is it a decent name?) or feudatory to the US.
It will not be a dignified position to the people of India.


The parliament is not yet summoned, I said. The monsoon session was not convened. It faded out just like the monsoon this year. The winter session is due to start. We are not sure whether it would assemble at all. And Elections are due in May 2009. It means the UPA will have to present a budget before the lections if the elections are held in May. Will any sensible person think that the UPA will be ready to present a budget? None, indeed. The reason is clear. The budget will be heavy blow to the people. Thus waiting for May for the elections is ruled out. It can be in January or February. Before that the business would be completed; India would be sold out with US having an emphatic say in all matters relating to the governance of the reputed Republic. Sri. A. K. Anthony shyly signed agreements or contracts to buy things American , not for the sake of India, but to save America.

I am very sad this issue is delayed much. It should have been launched by 15Th of August. The reason is neither reluctance or laziness. The reason is accidental; we love our friends and their relatives; and if one person related to the webmastering crew is seriously ill, I could not compel anyone to do the work; I felt it is inhuman to do so. Literature and ezines are for life; life should be our primary consideration. So, I am sorry. My readers and my writers must be a little irritated. The V issue was delayed due to an accident I had. Now the X issue is delayed due to the above reason. I am planning to launch an additional ezine which could be uploaded every week. It will have only lesser options. Still, it would enable me to cover the most uptodate developments in poetics and politics; in the realms of culture and international relations. But I must admit that I am still ignorant of the intricacies of uploading and webmastering.

C. P. Aboobacker,









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