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Volume 3 | Issue 1 | September 2008 | 

Dr.Shaleen Kumar Singh


I wish to go in the loneliest
Go and drown myself into pain.
I quiver in the deepest agony
I feel myself absolutely helpless.
I behold many pictures mute; yet
Relating stories of shrieks, and sighing.
I keep quiet say nothing, for
It’s against the rules of self-respect.
But sometimes
I weep, I sob, I cry
For I fail to check my emotions

To Fill your place ....

I waited you
A thousand times
When I was blue
And found myself confused
Perplexed and stood on the
Threshold of obscurity and
At that moment my whole
Life appeared to be PARADOX,
But You’re standing aloof
And apart, standing
Silently gazing and watching
I was continuously getting defeats
In the war of Life and Ambitions
But you’re only gazing me
Each defeat of mine’s conferring me
Multitudes of pain
Each pain conferring me endless
And stood silently
Said Nothing-
Posed not even formal sympathy
Posed not even acquaintance-

I was continuously standing
In this rain of misfortune
And you said nothing even-

I don’t grumble-
Nor complain
But you would know
I never staggered
I never stumbled
I moved on
Kept on moving with full
Might and main-

Now I live alone
But I am unable
To Fill your place-

Dr. Shaleen Kumar Singh, Born on 28th July 1979 at Budaun(U.P.), India, Shaleen Kumar Singh after his post-graduation in English did his doctorate on 'Panorama of Mahashweta's Indo-English Verse- A Critical Evaluation.' He is a poet, critic, reviewer and translator. He has several research papers, articles, poems and reviews published in esteemed journals, magazines and news papers of India and abroad. He has attended several Literary Seminars. He translated the book Mahendra Bhatnagar Ke Geet in English under the title Lyric Lute. Edited collection of English poems entitled Creation and Other Poems and Hindi poems entitled Dohe Tabib Ke. At present he is editing the ezine www.creativesaplings.com and a book of Critical essays on Stephen Gill (Canada).









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