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Volume 3 | Issue 1 | September 2008 | 

Prostitute To Her Daughter

Dear child,
say without shame
that I am your mother
and this city is your father.
Go, tell the chaste wives,
I teach their men to love.

I offered myself
in place of a thousand women
and became a saint.

Man, my child,
is endless Desire.
You should cross that sea
the way I rose above my body.

Raise your head,
be my survivor,
grow to be great.
You have a tryst with tomorrow:
you should see
the sun I could not.

I do not weep before Jesus
nor do I want Upagupta
to weep before me.
Evey night I turn redhot,
every morning I become gold.

I conquered lust;
you should transcend greed.
We are the bountiful Earth
and we, the giving Nature.

Translated from the Malayalam by the poet

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