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Volume 3 | Issue 1 | September 2008 | 

“Mind your own Business!!”
Peter Neendoor

Darling child, borne
in lawful love
and born beloved,
comes of age, turns around,
and nonchalantly says,
“Mind your own business.”

Late nights and phone calls
a room a world in its own
align the inquiring youth
to zero - gravity possibilities;
and the internet's wide window
on the brave new world brings
a free spirit serenading love.
The parents ask, “what is this?”
“Mind your own business.”

They wait with love
and prayers for the child
to wake up and say
something more filial.

Will the precious son,
jailed for illegal drugs,
growl to the parents visiting,
“Mind your own business?”

Could dearest daughter, giving birth
to an accidental child
in unmentionable shame,
point to someone and say,
“That is the baby’s father?”
or still shout at her chaste mother,
“Mind your own business?.”









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