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Volume 3 | Issue 1 | September 2008 | 

The Candidature of Barak Obama
By: Joneve McCormick

*A comment from one of the most illumined minds of America, Joneve McCormick

Barak Obama is perceived as a candidate who can bring much-needed change to America. It is widely perceived -- and the awareness is growing -- that America has lost its way; that greed, corruption and petty self-interest run rampant in our land; that a few (sometimes called the NWO) have taken the reins of power and that other opportunists are fronting for them while they wreak havoc here and abroad. It is perceived that we have fallen, along with the dollar, in reality and in the eyes of the world. These opportunists, one of whom has referred to "we the people" as "the unwashed masses”, not worth considering, control both our Democratic and Republican parties. While Obama is only one man, it is perceived that he will be able to begin the turnaround to sanity. He already has. He represents hope to us. And that is why he is winning. It is a very exciting time for us.

C. P. Aboobacker, Editor, www.thanalonline.com

Although we do not expect any topsy-turvy turn in the US policies in case Obama gets elected, his candidature is indeed a landmark in the History of the United States. Negroes were first brought into the land colonized by the European nations to work in their plantations and estates. The story is accompanied by gruesome slave trade in Lisbon, an unheard of slave confinement in the dungeons of Gory island etc, etc. Barak Obama is not at all a descendent of one who lived in the United States; his descent is immediately Kenyan. So, we do not have any reason to believe that he or his parentage had any role in the so-called Harlem renaissance. The glorious side of the development is that a person who once should have been dealt with as illegitimate and slavish is now contesting to the highest post of the country. Many questions face Barak when he goes to the people for a vote in the Presidential election: would he continue the genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan? Will he continue the policy of policing through out the world in the name of democracy and conceal the US policies of invasion and annexation behind a façade of democracy wherever it suits it? Will he misspend the major punk in the US exchequer for war, in stead of spending it for the have-nots of America and the world over? Will he continue the Bush policy of exporting a porno culture to the third world while the latter is suffering from dearth of food , shelter, clothing, and medicine? Will he continue the policy of selling arms to the people of Somalia , Rwanda etc, while the vast majority of the masses of these countries and many others are starving ? And will he extenuate the Iraqi problem to a Vietnamese repetition? Will he again interfere in foreign countries in whatever name ( democracy, self-government, autonomy etc) causing bloodshed and slaughter? Will he go to war Iran just to get humiliated once again in the eyes of the people of the world and get blackened in the annals of history? These are questions the future will have to answer.
But with all these questions, I feel his candidature is a landmark. Here is a black ( better call him pepper and sugar) contesting for the first time for the presidency. That in itself would suffice to love the people of America, against a thousand one causes by which we would not and could not be able to extend our love to them. But unlike them, the world at large love people, while they might oppose the rulers of America.









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