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Volume 1 | Issue 4 | February 2007 | 

The Silence of The Woods

M. K. Harikumar

Why wander around
When any soil is habitable
Wonders each tree.
The trees dont have
Either cast or creed
they sprout on their own and grow
In their own innate metaphysical
non-humanistic secular terrains
There is no where to go;
Mobility and immobility
Are just the same, they proclaim.
There is a child
It interprets its silence
In its own childish tongue
And love.
Tree is some celebration
It springs from somewhere
Its also some leaf which
Seeks its branch to settle down
Tree is moderate
It is dispassionate
It is always cool
And contended.
It is the philosophy of
Not having aspirations and not being
Bound by desires.
Trees are mystifying some romance
In wind and rain
When its leaves catch the wind
They seek dancing signs
When it rains they absorb
Music from the upanishads
When the day heat subsides
They turn sages meditating Siva.
During night they make
Room for others to pray
And slip into celestial slumber
Relishing the grief of knowing nothing.
What for they are spreading
Their roots on earth
It cannot certainly be for
Property rights nor
Habitation claim nor
For border dispute
Nor for litigation
Nor for spreading
Nor for self persecution.
It is only self manifestaion
Manifestation of their
Natural, intrinsic









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