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Volume 1 | Issue 4 | February 2007 | 


Changming Yuan

Young Agonies

all your cries and sighs
and let them fossilize
in your bony memories
until when you are so old
you need to use them
as your faked teeth
to chew your pasts

Noon Jogging

i am tired
so terribly tired
of running
running alone
along this less traveled path
quite rugged
rough and
seeming endless
but i have to
keep moving
past heavy shades
wild flowers
and some strangers
or i would never
be able to
catch up with
my own soul
rolling echolessly

Tree and Flower

tender and charming
peach blossoms fallen
into transparent dream
on the unmowed lawn
whose snoring disturbs
the wakening leaves

he would like to give them
a melodious kiss
but he cannot
he is the peach tree
still still


in the front yard of my heart
my love keeps growing
into an evergreen tree
with every leaf reaching out
as if to extend my missing of you
beyond the tall fence of time
while its roots are tightly
entwined with my blood veins
the seeds blown far away
into the futile field
of your femininity

A Strangely Familiar Dream

on the night of my son's 21st birthday
i was mysteriously executed, losing
all my body, my limbs and my senses
except a thin and transparent dot
of consciousness of selfhood
left as a typo on a document
or an illegible full stop
on a palimpsest handwritten with
layers, layers and layers
of manmade metaphors
such as the late emperor's edict
the withches' hocus-pocus
the pirates' map of treasure island
and the merchant's wife's love letter
all fallen into oblivion









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