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Volume 1 | Issue 4 | February 2007 | 



Gogol was always afraid of an inspector
He believed
An inspector was always looking for his imperfections
And to punish him
And to ridicule him
Gogol created his characters
In his own mold.
Creators always do this.
The poor Schoolteacher
Sneezed when the inspector came
It was just a sneeze
But the poor one was all fear
What would He think?
He the Almighty inspector
Schoolteacher was all apologies
Sir sorry, I didn’t mean,
I just could not control
No disrespect meant
Alright, alright,
Says the inspector
He always says so
He is all generosity
Schoolteacher could not bear
Yeah, He is angry
He just conceals it
He is camouflaging in smiles
Anger will appear in the apt moment
It will be inferno
No privilege of even a purgatory
Perhaps this is purgatory
The interlude of smiles
Schoolteacher in humility and fear
Goes on apologizing
In residence and office
He always smiles
Apologies and smiles
Go hand in hand
Run parallel
The poor one in peril
Inspector will have measures
My apologies do not pacify him
He is always smile
Schoolteacher goes on weeping for forgiveness
To take away the chalice
Of humiliation and punishment
I can no longer sneeze
I have always enjoyed it
Again somewhere
Th e inspector might see or hear
I am doomed
Schoolteacher loses his sleep
And remains awake at nights
And walks in pain and agony in daytimes
Schoolteacher whispers to himself of his destiny
Pupils see him in rags and cries
People see him in nudity
Schoolteacher roams about in despair
How could he convince
He had not meant malice
He had not meant any disrespect
Inspector’s vehicle comes and goes
Inspector sits in it in style and smile
No I cannot bear this
This pain this agony
This despair
Schoolteacher looks to the vehicle
If only He had looked at him
He is all style and smile
Schoolteacher jumps to the vehicle
Schoolteacher squeezes of his blood
Schoolteacher dies in despair
If only he could convince Him
Gogol would not have written the story









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