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Volume 1 | Issue 4 | February 2007 | 


Maria Cristina Azcona

We love our colony.
Smuggly, we walk by with tail coats that God gave us
when we were born
(Everyone among us
takes care of the tail coat just like it was our own skin)

He wants us to stay decked into our tail coats,
to celebrate His Grand Creation all day on

He wants us to be the organizers of His show
and gracefully, make reverences one to the other

(Everyone with his special gait,
of quality that is never equal).

The profit will be good!
If the tourism is exploited but the man would respect
our babies

Meanwhile some of them daub, with oil, our wings,
there are others who mortgage their steadfastness
in order to the survival of the penguins.

(Anyone will know what will be necessary to make it clear to anyone)









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