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Volume 1 | Issue 4 | February 2007 | 


Maryam Ala Amjadi

I am a” woe-man “
And the man
Puts out
His cigarette of passion
Into my whole

I am a ” woe-man “
And the man plants his heritage in me

I am a ” woe-man “
And the man stands on my chest
And breathes deeply

I am a ” woe-man “
And my name's Maryam

And I'm green
So so ever green

Things grow out of me

Love a baby a family
And a graveyard of serene doubts
And a blue blue silence

We are women
And the "you" in us
Could make such a fuss
For getting on the bus
That drives on the trail of Rights
And seizes the moments of might
In a siege of fright

We are women
And the "I" in you
Must see it through
The dark dark history tunnels
The light of injustice
That sounds so pathetic
So so tragic

We are women
we long haired
Short brained low intellect high heeled

We who share the "you" in "I"
And scratch out the "I" in "you"

We are the bad bad ones
In every every good
The women without a double "you"

I am a woman!









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