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Volume 1 | Issue 4 | February 2007 | 

Assorted short poems

Joneve McCormick

A peach blossom falls
liltingly, smelling sweet.
Swept into the bushes
a love letter is lost.
No one sees.

Dancer and red fish dream,
one under satin,
one under stone;
glide like fireflies
from their covers.

It's said, 'You have to kiss a lot of frogs,'
wet wrinkled ones, eyes bulging.
I don't know if you have to, but many do
yet never find a prince; in time find frogs
in their mirrors.

A pilot in a cockpit flying his craft is
like a seated chess player steering his piece;
both are souls directing bodies and toys.

A green fish, nearly too old to breathe, rests
under October's thin ice. Early snowflakes
melt above him. Soon fish and flakes will
leave the viewer, who says he owns them.

His poem about a perfect lover
shows a Mask, but no one lives there.

A clean, well-lighted place
holds loneliness at bay;
a child is birthing, another cries
between stained and peeling walls
overhead. Across the sea, a
suicide bomber pulls her cord;
yet after all is done and seen,
love is all there is.

A bowl of cherries is just a bowl of cherries.
A hawk circles over a farmer's hens
while the farmer plucks cherries for his pies,
pops one into his chin.

You see him in the sun's bright light,
a man of indiscernible age
weaving his way towards a target;
he disappears into an alley or building,
reappears, each time closer to his prey.
When he meets up with her,
silent, unseen witnesses watch
the struggle of to be and not.
'Under cover of darkness' and 'fly by night'
became so popular with the romantics
that many forgot most nefarious dealings
still take place in broad daylight.

Self-image is destiny;
where one sees a child of God,
another sees an ape, nearly hairless;
another may find no difference.
One human creates a heaven on earth,
another's heaven is in a realm beyond;
yet another may plan to disappear
altogether when he's gone.










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