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Volume 1 | Issue 4 | February 2007 | 

I miss you

Andy. N

I miss you
At moments
Like this.

I miss you
When the sun
Sinks into the ground
Round the back
Of the old factory
Where you
Would dance
Across the meadows
In April
With a flower
On your ear
Before turning
And telling me
To hurry up
Even if I had been
Leading the way
For most of the day.

I miss you
In the evenings
Or looking
Out of the window
At lunchtime.

I miss your
Favourite words
Or sayings
And your
Slurred accent.

I miss your
Horrible music taste
And your laughing eyes
When you would
Try and get
Me up dancing
To them
In some terrible

I miss your shuffling
Which could never
Stay still
For even more
Than a few minutes
When we used
To hide
Old, disused train stations
Near snow trodded hills
With the snow and
Wind smacking us on
Our backs
And still whisper
‘It’s beautiful, isn’t it?’

Yeah, it was.









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