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Volume 1 | Issue 4 | February 2007 | 



Forgiving is a true human deed
A quality for our kind indeed

There are enough reasons to forgive
The best thing to take and the best to give

We forgive to be safe and secure
To be wise, honorable, and pure

We forgive to feel the peace of mind
To sense the merit of humankind

We forgive to see the power of sacrifice
To enjoy the delicious taste of paradise

We forgive to conceive the human goal
To prove our will and refine our soul

We forgive to remain with human grace
To reject the devil’s harmful embrace

We forgive for we know that one day
We need to be forgiven, in the same way

We forgive for it is a better option to choose
For it is an achievement with nothing to loose

We are given a merciful heart, a treasure to use
When God forgives, who are we to refuse?

Ali Samavati ( 1972 -),Iranian poet and translator . for more information please refer to the third issue of Thanal









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