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Volume 1 | Issue 3 | October 2006 | 

Sequence 66


Kilroy was here, there and
everywhere. He started to look at the
death notices, nervously. With great attrition, the young
child continued to beat her drum. He was accosted again by
a nosy young man with a bejewelled fist. What was
not disturbing about it was that it was
reality. Governments are
desperate to crank up the percentages to allow for
survival. More tooth replacement therapy will
result in less fallout. The opportunities given to him
were all puff and blow with no substance. A lot
of people were prancing around at the
arts festival, in underpants. The word
celebrated goes hand and underhand
with celebrity. They separated the drunks from
the undrunks in order to preserve peace. Many will
curl up and die if they can't maintain their
internet connection.

He knelt amongst his jam jars, lovingly
relabelling them. His little priest's hat
sat perkily on his head as he cried about
other people's poverty. The here and now
is a lot more pulsifying than the
hereafter. Give us an unemotional event
and we'll make it emotional. You can't afford
to be reflective if you don't have
a mirror. Give us our beef said the
politician, and our daily bread. There was
somebody, somebody and somebody, but
nobody knew who was which. With Maori
eyes trained on heaven, the land was
stolen from under them. The paw
came up for the lick, but the tongue
did not come out. If you are to
understand, the supernatural must be
reasonable. His voice grated under the heat
of questioning, but the fire went out. Everybody has
a novel dream. Premiums went up on death policies.

He did well to catch him in the groin. It is very
hard to find sentimentality in the modern
technological age. The artist has to come to
the idea of repose, else the art
is no good. The breasts were bare
in the cartoons and will make men
last forever. Passion will never release
the strings of love. Instrumentation is important
to dummy development. Summer will
reign eternal when our winters run out. That
cat walked majestically as part owner
of the house. Terribly sweeping statements
about men often defy the broom. He rejected a
Christian God for no god. He was an exercise
in aim and logic worthy of an everlasting
being. I know you made that mud
cake after my weird dream
about mud. Larger than life, larger than
death, he died in his sleep. There was a
little fairy riding on that butterfly before
it slammed into that brick wall.

All men play with themselves before
playing with anybody else. If I'd had any
complaints I wouldn't be doing
what I am doing now. It's possible that
her lost glasses could be in two places
at the same time. So long as you have
got a life, you will give a life. The only people
who are waiting on an inheritance are
the recently dead. He wanted to burn the
building down but got stuck in the lift. The
weather man smiled at the bad news for us, and
his nose got too long for his face. Having gone
off eating, he will die of eating apple pies. The
world is at an end and we are all just
beginning. It's okay to mess up
the pitch so long as you have a volunteer
to clean it up. Some men consider
survival to be their last
desperate measure.

There is always an occasion for poetry
before the sun hits the hill. This mosaic is elegiac if
you step over the cracks. That poet was flavour of the day
with his tongue hanging out. The fin of the
shark is but a fragile leaf,
never dropping. There are bars over the
windows that I wish were over
your eyes. The leaf floating downstream will
float forever. While our ancestors were dominant,
they were not as dominant as those who
self-destructed. The belly laugh is better
than the fish hook. He decided on life,
by natural causes. Tiring of the low life
is an educated passion. He got a major
wheelchair award for his achievements. When
you are in the great tutu land you don't care
who watches. When you move into reality, the
empty spaces will follow. If the authorities don't have
it, you don't get it. Let the dead bury the dead,
the tax department said. As well as objective you
have to be irrelevant. Bats are more related to us
than cats. Politicians get pissed, if not off
with each other.

These arguments are good colour surprise points
but you need to worry about your age spots.
Christmas trees and teddy bears, all
in your very own kitchen. She's a real brick for
building that crematorium. They tried to say the
play parks were death parks. Lonely meaty women,
here, igniting their lingerie. He heard it wind down
when he pulled the plug. It's a fact that nothing
is fact in this world. The stem of her wine glass is
as beautiful as her leg. Argument doesn't necessarily
lead to proper creation. His ears were buzzing but
he didn't answer them. Life and death is
a very romantic matter. I would love everybody but
some are so horrible. This broken
foliage will not necessarily be
where you are found. In due course you will
receive shortly and we'll let you know, don't
ring us.

In the media, buy a hack, own a hack. I've had a
long life simply enjoying myself but now
I just want to do something
different. I was hanging out the washing when
I heard the bird. The garden was nice
even if it was slow growing. My dear old mum
knew how to cook a lasting dinner. You do not
need a majority decision to determine whether
God exists. As well as the usual traffic fears, there
are those about having no ideas of
merit. Junk food corrupts;
more junk food corrupts absolutely. The bigger the
committee, the more mediocre the result. Kick arse un-
sustainable growth kicks the environment in the arse.
He keeled over in fifteen seconds and didn't
even know he'd gone. These poor people died when
others were not dying. There are always those who will
take sophistication to the next
level of destruction. You simply can't win if you
are a long time loser.

If you wish to understand eternity, join
the meditation club. The trickle down is now reduced
to a ripple-down and still the earth
turns. If your business is not future-proofed it
will have no future. When faced with claptrap yakking, you
will check the hang of your tie. Art can release the
more violent characteristics of capitalism. Electronic barbie
dolls are definite on-toys for the young and the grasping.
His face was bubble-packed right to the
bitter end. You are here in this prison so
that we can normalise things for you. While you
end up with a sow's ear, you professionally
polish it. Kiwi males show the way
in violence. Only the gardens of the most
wealthy need no weeding. Psychopaths are not only
confined to working environments. He did his best to
maintain the mayhem, but on his way out
smashed the clock. People have double
images of themselves usually ending up
as a blur of light.










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