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Volume 1 | Issue 3 | October 2006 | 

Autumnal Verity
B.V.S. Chandi




A score and an eight say it all;
remaining unbeaten and outshining
the many groomed autumns of today;

Life has taught me a lot, joyously
continuing in its ordinary path; I have all
forbidden tales to tell; which sound stale

Never say die, never lie; just persist to
embrace the truth, spot onto flashes, true
to the egoistic anecdotes of uncertainty

A lyrical poem of lofty style is more
meaningful in chime, a red rose with
warmth and tender is what beholds her

Born with a spoon that was unnoticeably
silver, with a sparkle of unbelievable vigor,
still a ray of golden twinkle to cross; at bay

Put her on a cross, ’will utter I have no wishes
bring her to the pool, ’will voice I am the horse
dare to cast against her, ’will declare I am no chicken

Wake up and look sharp, realize and recognize
this bold, beautiful and brave up to date dame









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