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Volume 1 | Issue 3 | October 2006 | 

Wedding Poem
Andy N


I can see the day
As glorious in colour
And laced with
Bold, strong words
As long as roots
That are scattered
Endlessly across fields.

I can see the day
As fruitful as
An orchard in full bloom
Or at the edge of dawn
Where sunlight slowly crawls up
Through your window,
With renewed hope.

I can see the day
Full of movement
With cameras clicking
Like a imaginative orchestra
And smiles in people’s eyes
As bright
As a crescent moon.

But most importantly
Beyond the smiles
And passionate speeches
There exists a feeling
That is hard to describe
Like roots scattered
Endlessly across fields.

And the moment is magical..

(For Keith and Clara)

Manchester based poet, writer and performer Andy N has
been published in a variety of publications and books
regularly world wide since 1992.


He is a regular contributor to the website ‘Soul to
Soul’ http://home.earthlink.net/ ~mjoneve/sub.html

He is the lead singer / vocalist of the noise band
‘DIH’ (who have been described as Jack Kerouac jamming
with The Aphex Twin) who have several released 3 self
released EP’s as well as two albums ‘Internal
Conflict’ (2004) and the recently released ‘Suicide (I
meant forever)’ (2006).

He also records with among others the band ‘M.A.N.’
who self released their first album ‘Journeys’ In 2004
and whose second album simply called ‘M.A.N.’ is due
to be released by the independent Brighton label
‘Slightly Off Kilter’ towards the end of 2006.

He also runs his own internet music label ‘Hicc
Records’ - which currently has a number of albums /
EP’s available for free download
http://www.archive.org/details/hicc-records of various
styles and is also is signed to Hallo Excentrico which
has released several other albums of his

He is currently working on his first novel
‘Intermission’ and a collection of poetry and has two
plays ‘Night Air’ and ‘…And Buried?’ pending for
possible performance towards the end off 2006 as well
as still regularly writing his own poetry and is still
maintain his own website – Setting Sun –
http://www.geocities.com/aen1mpo which besides being a
showcase for his own work also carries since 2003 a
ever increasing showcase section where Andy regularly
edits interesting often up and coming artists Andy
encounters during his travels across the internet
currently totalling to over 50 acts covering acts from
England, America, Canada, France, Sweden, Germany and
Russia to name but a few covering all areas of the
musical spectrum.










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