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Volume 1 | Issue 3 | October 2006 | 

Recollections, Realisations and Reverberations


The pinnacle of delight I climbed so playfully like a child
It was indeed childish; a desire rooted so much in ambition
The height had that idea to test that dose upon me so mild
To send the message that pleasure is just another apparition.
I was so proud of it that I tried to pass my glee to all friends
Everyone responded to bid bye and to applaud my paltry feat
I tried to mix all of that in my mirth with such a loud cadence
Failed to realise that my head was going much above the feet
When the ‘metal-bird’ flew above the clouds, with me inside
My mind flew with it, not knowing that it was a tricky height
Then I knew not that there is a low equal for every high tide
Dreaming of the final destination, I began enjoying the flight.
There when the gatekeeper asked for my pass to cross the seas
I handed it to him with pride, there was the beginning of the end
Fault was with whom, but the world stood in front of me to tease
I simply prayed before them, but the rod was not there to be bent.
Then the long silence, all alone to face the gloomy music of disdain
A night of nightmare without having time to close the eyes to view it
There was nobody to spill some water over the fire to reduce the pain
Now it is all gone, the dream, and everything, just a small candle lit










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