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Volume 1 | Issue 3 | October 2006 | 

Are We There Yet?
Steven Manchester



Holding to a steady pace,
from the back seat came a voice.
In belief that life was one long race
and fate- a simple choice.

"Are we there yet?" was his main concern,
as he twisted in his seat.
And I felt the sorrow he would learn-
for the trials he had to meet.

"A few more miles...a little while,"
though I knew the trip was long.
But in the mirror, beamed a smile,
for my word could not be wrong.

So we talked and laughed, we shared the ride-
and in time, he took the wheel.
Through the years, we traveled side-by-side,
to think, to hope and feel.

Then I turned to him- my tired voice,
"Are we there yet?" was my plea.
He grinned and said-
"That's God's own choice."
For at last, my boy could see.










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