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Volume 1 | Issue 3 | October 2006 | 

Fire, Water, Earth, Space, Air
Suma. V.S



These poems are also from my "Nature- As it is" Collection and they are based on the five elements of nature.

1. Fire

Electromagnetic energy causing heat and light,
Moving through the global atmosphere,
Engineering the water cycle;
Illuminating, and consuming when set ablaze,
Burning bright with such vitality.
Sacred for those who deem you holy,
Devastation for those affected by your heat.
Realizing you and your true nature,
Your dryness determines your form,
Your warmth reaffirming
the power of separation, from the acquisitive world.
Your radiance, astral, the light, flaming,
Igniting the vehicle of the higher soul.

2. Water

Amorphous, with no defined shape
Flowing with such grace, flowing with no rigidity
Can you shower some of your vital energy on me
As you swiftly flow into the vast ocean
Water in rivers, and in waterfalls, water in ponds and in lakes
Water in a puddle, water in a kettle, water everywhere
You are so simple, yet so vast
Covering most of the earth
So much a part of my every cell and fiber
Humbly flowing your way through,
between fire and earth of space and time
I wonder what message
You carry for generations over the years
You are the central source of my being
My very essence and prime means of subsistence

3. Earth

I envision a beautiful sight ---
Blue waters, brown and green land masses,
And white clouds in the background of the vista.
It’s a natural, emotional affinity I have with you
Linking me to all five senses ---
Of taste, sound, touch, smell and sight,
Your contents, solid matter,
The only place to harbor life,
The only place defining living creation.
How much influence, you cast on me
Eternal and perishable, nitya and anitya.
I speak of you, not as an object anymore
For you are my origin, my nourishment,
And my space of continued physical existence.

4. Space

From stars to satellites
From clusters to constellations
From the shadows of eclipses to the brightness of shooting stars
From absolute vacuum to the creation of mass energy
From the long-haired comets to solid asteroids
Are you change or are you relativity
Or both, put together
Creation, Preservation and Dissolution, you endow
Occupying the throne of evolution
From you are born fire, air water and earth.
Inscrutable Maya , eternal and infinite!!!

5. Air

The wind you blow
The sky, you hold
The clouds, you craft
The birdsong you whistle
The soft breeze, you sway
The fragrance of flora you carry
The words you whisper
The life you sustain
What am I without you
You are My Prana and Apana,
My Vyana, Udana, and Samana.











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