Reality show.

Abbas Panakkal

    Nobody knows
    about the hosts,
    but producers.

    A father reached
    in time with a
    teenage daughter.
    Formalities were familiar.

    Good competition
    held even in primaries,
    first and second rounds.

    Viewers applauded
    and blindly
    involved in the game.

    Most of them were
    supported by
    sending a number of SMS.

    What was the art
    or even sport of the show.

    In my bedroom I really
    received digital signals,
    enjoying vicarious pleasure.

    Nobody knows about
    the culprits,
    but only the victims.

    Our veteran
    declared that victims
    were mere puppets.

    New Adultery .

    A pretty threshold,
    love and beauty merged in.

    Dream was powerless
    to breathe its dearth.

    Despite of class and creed,
    who else disliked?

    Colours of negligence feared.

    A Muslim in mosque
    a Christian in church
    and a Hindu in temple.

    And strained to be a
    woman among human being.


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