Sunil Sharma

    Wastage of food
    Every day Tanya wants pizza,
    And Rohit, his Big Mac,
    While Papa orders his
    Paneer-tikka along with
    Butter-chicken with lots
    Of garlic-onion;
    Mama likes her pasta
    And burgers and fried noodles;
    The family eats lot of
    Un-burnt calories in their
    Heavy meals,
    Sitting idle before
    Wide-screen TV
    In their pricey
    Well-lit Mumbai home,
    The family eats
    Never watches the
    Tilting scales,
    The leftovers are daily
    Meant for the distant
    Land-fills and dumps;
    While, little Laxmi,
    Few blocks away,
    Living in the crowded
    Damp slum,
    Often goes hungry
    To her disturbed sleep
    Along with other crying siblings,
    As they have nothing
    To eat in their dim-lit
    8x8 pavement- tin-home;
    Cannot this imbalance
    In lifestyles be corrected?
    Asks Tanya’s young
    Ideal teacher, in a
    Voice sonorous,
    By avoiding waste,
    Sharing untouched food
    And eating simple meals?


Sunil Sharma - Sunil Sharma is India-born story-teller, poet, critic, freelance journalist, literary editor, reviewer, interviewer and essayist. He is a college teacher. His debut novel, The Minotaur, is inching towards critical acclaim, and, short fiction and poetry are featured in many prestigious international and national print and online journals. He also edits NFJ (New Fiction Journal) and is on the board of many literary journals.
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