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Volume 2 | Issue 3 | March 2008 | 

What Life Is, Sometimes
Patricia Valdata

A swallowtail egg on a pawpaw leaf,
The throat of a hummingbird,
Wet sand, cool under our feet,
An owl at midnight, unseen, only heard.

The warm winter sun through a window,
The smooth face of sedimentary rock,
A robin’s nest in a hedgerow,
A heron perched on a wind-blown dock.

We are sharp as a finger snap,
Swift as a centipede,
And even if we live to be ninety:
Ephemeral as a dandelion seed.

Pat Valdata is an adjunct associate professor for the University of
Maryland University College and a correspondent for Diverse Issues in
Higher Education. Her publications include the novel Crosswind (Wind
Canyon Publishing) and the poetry chapbook Looking for Bivalve (Pecan Grove Press). She lives in Elkton, Maryland, in the United States.









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