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Volume 2 | Issue 3 | March 2008 | 

A Red Rose On Her Makbara
C P Aboobaker

The story of Benazir Bhutto is at a cataclysm stage. She is no more. It is not the sorry part of the story. Her blood was wiped away from the scene of her murder. Her mortal remains were not subjected to any post mortem examination. When her brother, Murtaza, was assassinated, the same procedure was adopted. Everything was clean to the core. Not a stain of blood anywhere, not someone to be the assassin, and some other to be an accomplice. The script was written so meticulously that none could have any doubt about the assassins. Benazir Bhutto was just murdered, that is all.

And why, why was she murdered? Let me remember a very insignificant film representative of Kerala. His name was Chacko. He was murdered some decades ago. He did not know why he was killed. Yeah, the victims have the right to know why they are murdered. He was strangulated and then burnt. But the hue and cry the national Press of India made on the accession of becoming of a democracy. In Pakistan, after lapse of months of the murder of the former Prime Minister, the sinister looking President of the autocracy was changing his opinions at every convenient moment.

The Press and media the world over are putting blames on everyone. Nothing transpires. Internets are after months old materials published by desperate politicians like Tariq Ali who in November last had elaborately described how the Bhutto family could become politically powerful and affluent. He blames all including Benazir, but here also we do not have any clue to whosoever assassinated the heroine of the country.

I remember her coming to India in 1972 with her illustrious father, who after some time was assassinated by the Pakistan judiciary. He was assassinated on the ground that he abetted the killing of some personnel. And which ruler didn’t do that? None asked this question to their conscience. I do not want to excuse such abetments. But who did not do that? And who is not doping that? And who will not do that? Musharaff? Bush? And she appeared, the young girl of nineteen in all elegance, but all seriousness, too. The great film director and maker I.S. Johar asked her to be willing to act in his next film as heroine; she politely, but firmly declined on the ground that she wanted to be a part of the Pakistani politics. No, she was not a rootless personage as her father said to the judicial connivers when he was tried in court on charges of abetment of murder. This proved that she was going to be an entity in the politics of South Asia, nay, of the Indian subcontinent. And she became an entity, now exiled, now welcomed, again exiled, marrying at the age of thirty four, loving her husband, incriminated fro corruption charges in two continents, and becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan twice.

Her opponent was Sia-ul-Haq who wanted to remove any chance of her becoming the Prime Minister. He declared he elections when she was fully pregnant with her first child (it should be Belavel the present PPP chief); but the lady did not succumb to the betrayal diplomacy, she underwent a scissorian and was delivered of her child to contest and work for the election.

And the media are now after how Benazir died. Did her head knock to the body of the car? Did she try to get killed by knocking so? She was given all cautions, and the obstinate woman that she was, did not pay any attention to the threats on her life, exclaims the happy President, with a criminal smile on his face. He was on peril of getting impeached if and when a democratic election was held. Still, he did not have guts to kill Benazir unless he was inspired by someone else.

When ever there is a killing, there is a scapegoat always, the Al-Quaida; I am not trying to say that Al-Quaida does not kill; it is their self-assigned job; they do it willingly, whether justifiable or not justifiable; and for that matter, killing is never justifiable! The name of Al- Quaida was planted by some internet chum on news as the perpetrator of the crime, but soon Al-Quaida denied of their involvement; it must be true also, because how could it benefit from the killing of Benazir. Oh, the prospective chance of her becoming the prime minister and taking firm steps against it! The bull-shit conclusion of the most inefficient detective because under any civilized government the Al-Quaida would have to be dealt with firmly. So, they cannot be the culprits. It must be something more than that; there must be a serious cause for the murder. Musharaff could not avert the election process even if he did it.

So, we are in the [process of elimination. Musharaff was more than willing to investigate into the murder with the help of Scotland Yard. A Chase Detective story is in the offing. Everything happens before our eyes; but we don’t see a damn thing at all. This is not a dilemma. This is the problem or, rather, the ingenuity of the script written.

And who did the writing? All media men in the world have a feel of it, no they have a clear knowledge of it. But, they are not ready to divulge it due to pressures that be. So, we will have to resort to some deducing. The ancient Roman tribunals would ask the question in the face of a crime, if it remained unresolved after prolonged investigations. The question would be very simple: who would benefit from the incident of crime? In fact, this question must prove most of the crimes; but when we resort to it, most of the investigating personnel in the world would not be necessary. When the king made the laws, executed them and interpreted them, law-enforcing and investigation required greater servants with muscle and weapon. But our question requisitions some intelligence. Yeah, who would benefit?
Killing of Benazir is not an ordinary crime. It is the killing of the most predominant woman politician of the Indian subcontinent. She was given a chance to reenter her motherland from her exile in Dubai. The ground on which she was given the chance was that Pakistan was going to have an election. There were a few rounds of talks between herself and Pakistan President Musharaff ostensibly aided by the US diplomats who are specialists in the politics and economic s of the Indian subcontinent. She would be given a good chance of remaining in Pakistani Politics with decency and dignity, she was offered. If this story is plausible, then US are very much in the picture.

US, yes, US. If Iran were taught a lesson, Saddam was given all promises. Saddam is no more! Eight years of war between Iran and Iraq weakened Iraq; then came a hint from the US that Kuwait was funneling Iraqi oil wells; Saddam immediately invaded Kuwait whereupon the US the archangel of democracy and peace jumped into uniforms and marched into Iraq.

Then came September 11. Poets were asked to write poems; media men to prepare reports as to how tarmac was burning and blood was spilled in the runways and corridors of World Trade Centre. Iraq was said to be an accomplice in the act; then the story was altered a little, the director has the right to amend the story to realize his show. Now the story was that Iraq had amassed chemical weapons! The investigating teams exonerated Iraq. No, the team is not efficient, Bush the Jr was convinced that Iraq had weapons. Iraq was invaded. Iraq was devastated. Iraqis die for the freedom of their country; why should the young US soldiers die at all on the soil of Iraq?

And then the US knew that Saddam had perpetrated crimes against Khurds. He was discovered from a cave; he was tried and on the day of Id-ul-fitr, 2006, he was hanged to death. Was this the first ever hanging that the media channels celebrated? No, Dr. Najeebulla was hanged like this earlier by Taliban “Justice”.

US were to sign a treaty with India for nuclear cooperation. With the treaty in view, the Govt. of India had even voted against Iran at the cost of her non-alignment policy. Both US and Govt. of India headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh were tasting chocolates in the dream of signing the 123 Agreement. But the people of India acted wiser. They began to vote against the ruling outfit in all possible elections. So, the treaty is not as near as it was dreamt of.

Pakistan had begun to install gasline from Iran to meet her power requirements. India would have no other way., in the present circumstances. Yeah, US dreams of hegemony over Indian subcontinent were shattering.

US wanted to destabilize the Indian subcontinent at all costs.
But the Manna had fallen from the heavens! Pakistan was going to have an election. Bhutto family was destined to be exterminated! Zulfikkar was hanged, his son Shanavas was negated in the most dubious circumstances, the next son Murtaza was shot and his blood wiped out! It was destiny, not human act! Benazir, not because she was among the fifty most elegant women in the world, but because of the political influence she had in Pakistan and thus in the Indian subcontinent, would be a very good victim; US diplomacy had no going back when an idea permeates in its wagon.

And Benazir is no more! Will the US bandwagon attain what it wanted from the murder? It is upto the history to answer the question.

And is this not a script written by anti-American, you might ask. It is not a script, it is a fact; it is not a mere insinuation. I am convinced that it was the US that masterminded the assassination of the most elegant political leader of Pakistan.

Let us place a red rose on the threshold of the makbara of Benazir Bhutto. We will have to reserve more flowers for the future, because, the imperialists are going to annihilate more men and women in different parts of the world. However, they will also annihilate the world with its beautiful gardens and orchards, with all what mankind has achieved.

Post script
Muhammad Ali Jinnah had called upon his countrymen in his first address at the Pakistan Assembly. He asked them not to be only Muslims, not to be only Hindus or Sikhs or Farsis , but to be Pakistanis first and foremost. Partition of India was insanity, but within the Pakistan he got, he was trying to establish a secular democracy at all costs. But history sometimes punishes men for their acts.









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