Our Nepal, Our Pride

Maria Cristina Azcona

    Bhuwan is an infrequent kind of artist, that kind of artist that is capable to communicate himself with the reader almost immediately and at the same time substantially. He is able to extend a bridge towards our mind and send us the message of universal love as it would be so simple, as simple as love itself. This author is owner of a profound minimalism. He does not use complicated expressions or rare words to say what he feels he is obligated to say: love each other and change this horrible nightmare called Earth. He is a lover of freedom but paradoxically he shows human being as a slave of love and peace that are shown as indefectible orientation and commitment of human life.

    Bhuwan is essentially a poet, a true poet of love: a romantic poet indeed. He seduces the reader with admirable, flowered lovemaking expressions and tender, loving words. He makes us fall in love with his words and his world.
    Love may not always soar like a bird
    but there is no freedom without love.
    Love may not always craft a rainbow
    but there is no canvas without love.

    Love may not always bequeath love
    but there is no existence without love.
    Love may not always arouse the heart
    but there is no ecstasy without love.
    The poet owns the rhythm and the rhythm owns him, in a travel of going and returning where we cannot see the difference among him and the rhythm itself.
    Music in words, poetry, is his job, undoubtedly. Bhuwan is a society lover, one of those persons that is able to love any other person, despite his color or condition. He sees the purity in each individual. He is blind to vanity and futility, only seeing the music in the soul of each one. His vision of us is so unpolluted that make us tremble in his infinity: the infinity of the mountains, in Nepal. We result to be absorbed in his vision, becoming ourselves little in front of high mountains, where the highness of morality confronts to our small humaneness.
    Bhuwan is worried about society problems and he offers the title of his book to his beloved country, his home: Nepal. His compassion makes him one of the worldwide poets of social love oriented to peace. Nowadays poets and moreover bilingual poets are probably the future educators of communities, and global citizens, because they create peaceful environments through their artistic activities. They have a rare point of view on reality, probably the point of view that nowadays Earth really needs to a change. Thapaliya makes us think in his own level of thinking, that is extremely high. He is like an eagle over the Himalaya making us see the horizons from a panoramic point of view, where human beings are so weak and little in comparison with Nature.
    And overwhelmed by the aromas of
    the silvery moon, as a candle beneath
    the serene sky, so did I remain steady
    in my deliberations on the transcendent mind
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Maria Cristina Azcona - Maria Cristina Azcona is an Educational Psychologist, poetess, novelist and peace researcher who has authored several books written in Spanish and English. She is founder of the nonprofit movement “Bilingual MCA Poets & Writers for Peace” dedicated to the publication and promotion of exquisite peace poems by many bilingual poets, worldwide. She is Editorial Advisor for “The Taj Mahal Review”, as Director in Argentina for the International Forum for a Literature and a Culture of Peace (IFLAC). Tags: Thanal Online, web magazine dedicated for poetry and literature Maria Cristina Azcona, Our Nepal, Our Pride
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