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Volume 2 | Issue 3 | March 2008 | 

The Moth Moves On
Richard Jeffrey Newman

The candle’s flame
gathers shadows,
leads them in a dance,
a movement that ends
with love, that keeps on moving
as love becomes the rhytm,
and you the fire,
and the dance, the life
you’ve chosen to make
your loving possible.
These words were to be
for the fact that we’ve continued
as we are, for the gravity
holding where we are joined,
but the dance has not allowed it;
and should your days
move me when I’m gone
into the margins
of what you see clearly,
read these lines
for what they do not say.
Read them and love.

Richard Jeffrey Newman, Associate Professor, English,
Coordinator, Creative Writing Project ,Nassau Community College,Garden City, NY 11530. newmanr@ncc.edu

Literary Arts Director, Persian Arts Festival, NYC
richard@persianartsfestival.org, www.persianartsfestival.org









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