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Volume 1 | Issue 1 | March 2006 | 

Coretta Scott King...(Joop Bersee)
Now, she may not breath.
Now, she may not talk.
Nor lift her right arm
and hold it, speaking
a million tongues, raising
an ocean of voices.

will you talk to me?...(Rati Saxena)
will you talk to me
as before
removing the stone from own grave
wearing the flesh as you were
where bangles will talk to me as before?

Frenzied Light..... (Meena Kandasamy)
When you called me
To light up your life
I could never refuse.
But, there are things I ask of you.

My friend tells me..... (Joneve McCormick)
my short poems are my best...
I start with the wind at my back
and get scared
shut and bolt the door

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